Sentencing happens after a finding of guilt has been declared.

After a criminal defendant is convicted or pleads guilty, a judge will decide on the appropriate punishment during the sentencing part of a criminal case.

Will I have to pay my fine right away?

Generally, you will be given a reasonable time to pay a fine.

What is work house/work release/huber?

When the defendant goes to local jail, but is able to get out during the day to go to work.

What is EHM?

EHM stands for electric home monitoring. This allows the defendant to serve his or her time at home on an electronic anklet. Often work release is also allowed on EHM. You will need a basic landline for this.

What is STS? How is it different from community service?

STS stands for sentence to serve. This is a county run community service program where the defendant shows up and goes on a work crew. 8 hours is considered 1 day of STS.

If I get sentenced to jail will I have to report that day?

It depends on the severity of your case. For more serious felonies, you may be taken into custody after a finding of guilt. For less serious cases, the defendant is allowed to report at a later date, usually within a couple weeks. You should always discuss this with your lawyer so you know what to expect.

Do I have to serve my jail time in the county where the crime was committed?

Usually your time must be served in the county where the crime was committed. Sometimes your lawyer can ask for you to serve your time in another county, but that is conditioned upon approval of the court and room in that county, and you have to pay the costs of the jail.

What is a PSI or PSR?

PSI is a pre-sentence investigation. PSR is a pre-sentence report. This is done prior to sentencing in many cases, so that the judge has ample information with which to decide a reasonable sentence. You should always discuss with your lawyer how to handle your meeting with the person investigating and writing this report.

What is good time?

Both in state and federal court there is a certain percentage of your jail time that is forgiven if you do not violate any of the jail facility rules. State court is 1/3 off your time, and federal court is 15 percent off your time. If you've been arrested or charged with a crime, get a criminal defense consultation with Bruno Law by selecting the link below or call 763-545-7900 for more information or to make an appointment.