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A Sample of Bruno Law's Many Unparalleled Results.
State v. E.H. (police officer charged with 2nd degree assault et al) (Not Guilty Verdict)
State v. S.G. (election fraud, perjury) (Not Guilty Verdict)
State v. A.W.J. (Not Guilty Verdict)
United States v. B et. al. (savings and loan fraud) (Not Guilty Verdict, Favorable Settlement)
State v. H.H.G. (felony damage to property) (Not Guilty Verdict)
State v. R (1st degree criminal sexual conduct) (Not Guilty Verdict)
State v. L (bond reinstatement) (Not Guilty Verdict)
South Dakota In R.J.A. (manslaughter) (Not Guilty Verdict)
State v. G (aggravated rape) (Not Guilty Verdict)
State v. P (felony assault on suspect) (Not Guilty Verdict)
State v. O (assault w/firearm) (Not Guilty Verdict)
State v. S.A.W. (corruption) (Not Guilty Verdict)
United States v. B.G. (8 defendant drug conspiracy) (Not Guilty Verdict)
State v. G (felony assault on police officer) (Not Guilty Verdict)
State v. D.F. (solicitation of minor) (Not Guilty Verdict)
State v. A.J. (obstruction of legal process) (Not Guilty Verdict)
United States v. J.G. (academic fraud) (Dismissed)
State v. T.E. (felony theft by swindle, construction fraud) (Not Guilty Verdict)
United States v. H, (aircraft sabotage) (Dismissed)
United States v. M. A. (credit card fraud) (Dismissed)
State v. M (boating while intoxicated) (Dismissed)
State v. E. D. ( possession child porn) (Dismissed)
State v. P. D. (domestic assault) (Dismissed)
State v. M. D. (3rd degree DUI) (Dismissed)
State v. E. W. (felony check forgery) (Dismissed)
State v. H. H. ( felony negligent fire) (Dismissed)
State v. N. V. (1st degree arson) (Dismissed)
In Re _ _ _ (Confidential Juvenile Case) (4 counts of child pornography) (Stay of Adjudication-dismissed in 6 months)
In Re _ _ (Confidential Juvenile Case) (3rd degree criminal sexual conduct) (Dismissed)
In Re _ _ (Confidential Juvenile Case) ( 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct) (Continuance for dismissal by motion to the judge-dismissed after 2 years)
State v. P. M. (residential burglary) (Dismissed)
Title IX U of M (rape allegation) (Found Not Responsible)
State v. A. H. ( depravation of parental rights) (Dismissed)
State v. M.N. (indecent exposure) (Dismissed)
State v. T.S. (assault with a deadly weapon) (Dismissed)
State v. K.N. (aggravated robbery) (Dismissed)
State v. R. I. (impersonating a police officer) (Dismissed)
State v. J.H. (Felon in possession of a firearm) (Dismissed)
State v. S.R. (DWI) (Dismissed)
State v. B.T. (domestic assault) (Dismissed)
State v. B.T. (domestic assault) (Dismissed)
State v. D. G. (investigation criminal vehicular homicide) (Settled w/no charge)
State v. G. R. (investigation 2nd degree assault) (Settled w/no charged)
Comm’r Human Services v. B.S. (commitment as sexually dangerous) (Dismissed)
State v. L.M. (3rd degree assault) (Dismissed)
Title IX U of M (rape allegation) (No Expulsion)
State v. P (evidence recovery, murder) (Favorable Settlement)
State v. M (murder) (Favorable Settlement)
State v. T (teacher kidnapping) (Favorable Settlement)
United States v. A (money laundering) (Favorable Settlement)
State v. H.H.G. (terroristic threats) (Favorable Settlement)
State v. C (controlled substance charges) (Dismissed, Favorable Settlement)
State v. P.H. (embezzlement of a public entity) (Favorable Settlement)
State v. K. Q. ( felony identity theft) (Favorable Settlement)
State v. M. K. ( 3 different 5th degree controlled substance) (Favorable Settlement)
State v. M. D. (felony DWI) (Favorable Settlement)
State v. R. H. (criminal vehicular homicide) (Favorable Settlement)
State v. T. F. (Armed robbery) ( Favorable Settlement)
State v. M.W. (arson) (Favorable Settlement)
State v. J.A. (terroristic threats) (Favorable Settlement)
Numerous prostitutions (Dismissed)
Numerous wrongfully obtaining medical or public assistance. (Dismissed)
Numerous domestic assaults & other domestic cases (Dismissed)
Numerous thefts & shoplifting (Dismissed)
Numerous traffic violations (Dismissed or Not Guilty)
Numerous violation of HRO or OFP (Dismissed or Not Guilty)
D.S. v. J.S. (HRO) Dismissed.
D.M.S. v. J.S. (HRO) Dismissed.
Numerous DWIs, all levels ( Dismissal, Not Guilty, or Favorable Settlement)
Numerous Grand Jury Representations ( No bills/ No charges)
Numerous cases where defendant got probation rather than presumed prison.
Numerous pre-charge investigations resulting in no charges.
Numerous expungements of criminal records.
In Re _ _ _ (Confidential Juvenile Case) (criminal damage to property & hate crime) (Dismissed)
In Re _ _ _(Confidential Juvenile Case) (3rd & 5th degree criminal sexual conduct) (Dismissed)
In Re _ _(Confidential Juvenile Case) (criminal damage to property over $10K) (Dismissed)