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Tireless Effort.

Unparalleled Results.

Preeminent Criminal Defense.

Since 1980, Bruno Law has provided preeminent criminal defense to those under investigation or prosecution for state and federal offenses. Through tireless effort, Bruno Law is committed to an ongoing history of unparalleled client results. This means presenting an aggressive and strategic defense to any type of criminal charges and persuasive and thoughtful representation before the Minnesota and federal appellate courts. The results speak for themselves. Our attorneys have earned recognition throughout Minnesota and the United States.

Bruno Law has defended public officials, celebrities, corporate executives, and the common man. We are honored and proud to receive referrals from many prosecutors, police officers, former clients, and attorneys with whom we work. It is a testimony to the firm’s reputation and skills that Bruno Law’s clientele are almost exclusively referral-based.

In 2018, Bruno Law became a family business. Fred Bruno, the firm’s founder and principal, merged Bruno Law with the Law Offices of Carolyn Agin Bruno, pairing two of Minnesota’s best attorneys within the same firm. Samantha Foertsch, Carolyn’s daughter, was already an integral part of the Bruno Law team, as the firm’s primary researcher and writer. Then, in late 2017, Bruno Law added Samantha’s husband, Stephen, who had quickly become a rising name in criminal defense. The firm now includes two husband/wife teams, and a mother/daughter duo for good measure. True to his Italian roots, Bruno calls the firm, “La Famiglia.” Let our family defend yours like they’re our own.

Bruno Law serves Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, and all federal jurisdictions.

Bruno Staff

Our Family. Your Team.


Bruno Law fights as a team. Our attorneys work together on every case we defend. You receive the benefit of over 80 years of combined criminal law experience, with all of the knowledge and relationships that come from lives spent defending the accused. When you hire Bruno Law, you do not hire just one attorney, you hire a legal team.

In addition to your legal team, Bruno Law hires the top forensic experts, including medical doctors, psychologists, private investigators, toxicologists, computer forensic analysts, document examiners, and anthropologists. Facing the full force of the Government can be daunting and intimidating, but Bruno Law has the knowledge, relationships, and resources to shift the balance of power to your favor, and match the Government, blow for blow. Our team of legal and forensic professionals have the experience and knowledge to resolve any legal challenge. Through the use of the latest technology, scientific techniques, diligent research, and thorough investigations, Bruno Law is prepared for an immediate and effective response to any crisis.

Bruno Law also provides compassion, understanding, and respect for every client and their situation. Being the subject of a criminal investigation or criminal charges is a life-changing experience, and we will be there for you. We know and feel for our clients, and that makes us fight for them.

When you hire Bruno Law, you have the advantage.


The best criminal defense attorney in Minnesota! I owe you my life. You are awesome and words cannot thank you enough.
- P.K.
Thank you so much for your effective representation of our son and giving him the best chance of recovering his life.
- P. W.
You gave me the opportunity through your legal expertise and friendship to discover my new life.
- C.E.
I am very pleased with the outcome we had in court. May the good Lord repay a thousand fold.
- N.B.