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Presidential elections will now be a primary rather than a caucus.

Minnesota will now have a primary election system during the next presidential election. This means that voting will be held all day rather than at a specific time. Precinct caucuses are allowed to continue if the parties choose to hold them.

When voting, voters will be required to formally verify the party they choose. It will be recorded and available on public record.

Workers' compensation laws released August 1st, 2016 are now enforced for insurance companies and health care providers.

Companies must now comply with the law to electronically submit medical records and reports along with a medical bill. Insurance companies can also select a retention limit that they must pay in benefits before the Workers’ Compensation Reinsurance Association will begin covering the insurance companies losses.

The new law also clarifies the process for attorneys claiming payment of legal fees in workers compensation. Lastly, it eliminates the bond requirement for parties appealing a decision made by the Minnesota Worker’s Compensation Court of Appeals to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Life insurance companies must use a principle-based method to decide how much money they must keep in reserve.

This law has been adopted by 43 states which represents 76% of insurance premiums in the US. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners are making changes to the manual and companies will have 3 years to implement the process. This law is put into place so that insurance companies can ensure there is enough money to pay their claims.

Triclosan will be banned from most consumer products.

Minnesota passed this law in 2014 but gave companies time to remove it from their products. Triclosan is found in many hand soaps and became a worry because it was found in many samples taken from bodies of water. Minnesota was the first state to ban this substance and it will be banned at a federal level in September of this year.

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